Welcome to eLOGS

eLOGS develops and runs clinical tracking programs in partnership with universities. Through the eLOGS program, our staff works to provide reliable information about student experiences in an increasingly complex health care system.

At eLOGS, we live by our premise that electronic logs offers more than the promise of documenting clinical experiences. As one of the oldest electronic logging programs devoted to capturing only relevant clinical information eLOGS goes far beyond and begins to teach many of aspects of the advanced practice role that students need. As an educational company, eLOGS is 100% committed to helping student advance professionally and educationally thru documenting clinical experiences.

eLOGS is the technical solution to paper logs. We strive to provide simple, easy-to-use solutions on varied platforms. Some students prefer a complete desktop or laptop based entry system. Others prefer mobile, on-the go solutions. eLOGS offers many solutions including support for multiple web browsers and multiple PDA platforms.

eLOGS users can quickly and easily enter relevant clinical visit information. ELogs is a teaching tool for clinical management and practice management. Faculty can view student's progress in their clinical activities, demonstrate that students are meeting course objectives and those are not. eLOGS provides excellent summative and formative evaluation material.

This website is for students and professors to submit reports and visits with patients for statistical purposes. Students and professors who have participating schools are assigned a username and password which they can use to login to the reporting utility. Administrators can satisfy program evaluation criteria for national, regional and state accrediting and licensing bodies as well as capture critical information for grant and other research activities.

eLOGS is a nurse practitioner owned and managed company. The application is hosted centrally and managed by IT professionals. The entire logging system is HIPAA compliant. The browser requires no additional software to be installed or supported on the client computer.

An on-line tour is available. Please call our staff for more or e-mail for more information.